2017 03 12 John Haller’s Prediction Update “Unintentional Effects …

From dry spell to deluge, from tidy energy to contaminated waters, individuals in our world are “shacking up” with lies from the pit of hell dished out by our foe.

Evangelicals and Catholics are shacking up with each other to develop an ecumenical motion;.

The females’s motion is “shacking up” with Islam, bowing towards Mecca throughout the call to prayer;.

Russian and Iran are “shacking up” with each other in exactly what is likely a prophetic positioning with considerable ramifications;.

And millions are “shacking up” with Paul Young and his deceptiveness in a motion picture that is leading numerous to an incorrect complacency and an incorrect view of God.

Lots of choices society is making can have unpredicted results that can have effect well beyond the noticeable horizon. John puts the parts together in this week’s upgrade entitled “Unintended Consequences.”.