7+ Awesome Paint Jobs for the “Ocelot Ardent” (GTA Online)

7+ Awesome Paint Jobs for the Ocelot Ardent (GTA Online).
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Paint Jobs:.

Matte Light Gray.
Modern 5 Color Livery.
Red Endo v. 1 Sport Rims.

Armed force Green Livery.
Black Offroad Rims.

Cabernet Red w/ Bronze/Gold Pearl.
Gold Dash VIP Sport Rims.

All White Paint.
White Endo V. 2 Sport Rims.

White Primary.
Black Secondary.
Black Endo V. 2 Sport Rims.

HEX: # 2D64 AA Ice White Pearl.
Black S Racer Rims.

HEX: #e63200 No Pearl.
Chrome Uzer Sport Rims.

Gray Matte Urban Geometric Livery.
Red Endo V. 1 Sport Rims.

Matte Grey Coyote Geometric Livery.
Straw Brown Rims.

( May Need to put AA, 00 or FF after the Hex Ones).

Some Paint Jobs from:.
http://gtaforums.com/topic/889119- ocelot-ardent-discussion-thread.

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