A Story of Success in Reversing Urban Health Disparities

March 1,2017
Gerard Clancy.

Where you reside in a specific U.S. city identifies your forecasted life span. Area is fate, in such a way. In New Orleans, there is a twenty-five-year distinction in life span from one parish to another just 3 miles away. This pattern of terrific spaces in health status, even over brief ranges, repeats itself in New York, Chicago, the Bay Area, and lots of other American cities, with extreme effects.

In 2005, Tulsa, Oklahoma was among the very first cities to acknowledge such remarkable area variations in life span, with a fourteen-year distinction in life span in between north Tulsa and midtown– and to do something about it. In this discussion, Dr. Gerard Clancy explains particular efforts and lessons discovered on the ten-year journey, from 2005 to 2015, to reverse these health variations and enhance the health of individuals in north Tulsa. The successes of the previous years have actually influenced a brand-new ten-year effort in Tulsa concentrated on psychological health system enhancements.

Co-presented with the Brodie Medical Education Award Committee, the Academy of Distinguished Educators, and the Department of Medicine.