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My preferred films:.

Bob Five-0.
Bob on the Run.
Bob Saves Energy.
Bob Saves the Hedgehogs.
Bob the Brave.
Bob the Farmer.
Bob the Photographer.
Bob’s Auntie.
Bob’s Badges.
Bob’s Band.
Bob’s Barnraising.
Bob’s Beach Hut.
Bob’s Big Idea.
Bob’s Big Plan.
Bob’s Big Surprise.
Bob’s Birthday.
Bob’s Boots.
Bob’s Bucket.
Bob’s Bugle.
Bob’s Day Off.
Bob’s Egg and Spoon Race.
Bob’s Fresh Start.
Bob’s Hide.
Bob’s Metal Detector.
Bob’s New House.
Bob’s Pizza.
Bob’s Three Jobs.
Bob’s Top Team.
Bob’s White Christmas.
Bobland Bay Takes Shape.
Boogie Woogie Wonderland.
Breezy Bristle.
Pail Stand.
Buffalo Bob.
Structure Homes.
Vehicle Wash
Dogs and felines.
Inspect Up Day.
City Beach. Tidy as a Whistle Bristle.
Clocktower Bob.
Clumsy Roley.
Cock-a-Doodle Spud.
Crane Pain.
Risk House.
Dig This.
Dino Coaster.
Dino Park.
Divergent Thinking.
Woozy and the Butterfly.
Woozy and the Talkie Talkie.
Woozy and the Wheelies.
Woozy Finds a Pirate.
Woozy Goes Camping.
Woozy in Charge.
Woozy the Detective.
Woozy the Sheepdog.
Woozy the Walking Bus.
Dizzy’a Statues.
Dizzy’s Birdwatch.
Dizzy’s Crazy Paving.
Dizzy’s Pirates.
Dodger the Milk Truck.
Dodger’s Surprise.
Own Thru Disaster.
End of the Line.
Eskimo Bob.
Great Flex.
Farmer Pickles’ Pigpen.
Help Molly.
Physical fitness Frenzy.
Flotsam and Jetsom.
Fly Away Ghost.
Forget Me Knot Bob.
Go Mr Bentley Go!
Hamish’s New Home.
Haunted Town Hall.
Highjinks and hedgehogs.
Assisting Others.
Here Be Dragons.
Here Comes Muck.
High Tide for Lofty.
House on the Range.
Ice Cold Fixham.
Inspector Spud.
Leaping Muck.
Cooking area Whizz.
Light at the End of the Tunnel.
Light! Video camera! Leo!
Pay attention to Your Friends.
Lofty and the Crab.
Lofty and the Diggers Three.
Lofty and the Giant Carrot.
Lofty and the Monster.
Lofty and the Rabbits.
Lofty and the Tree Stump.
Lofty Lets Loose.
Lofty the Lifeguard.
Lofty the Star.
Lofty to the Rescue.
Lofty’s Banana Tree.
Lofty’s Big Day.
Lofty’s Comet.
Lofty’s Jungle Fun.
Lofty’s Long Load.
Lofty’s New Claw.
Lofty’s Shelter.
Device Magic.
Magnetic Lofty.
Marathon Span.
Meet Marjorie.
Milkshake Mix-Up.
Mind Out!
Molly’s Fashion Show.
Moving House.
Mr Beasley’s Noisy Pipes.
Mr. Beasley’s DIY Disaster.
Mr. Beasley’s New Friends.
Mr. Beasley’s Vegetable Patch.
Mr. Bentley’s Big Parade.
Mr. Bentley’s Trains.
Mr. Bentley’s Winter Fair.
Mr. Bentley: Dog Sitter.
Mr. Ellis’ Exhibition.
Mr. Sabatini’s Smashing Day.
Mrs. Potts’ Paint Pots.
Filth and the Elephant.
Filth Gets Stuck.
Filth Mucks About.
Filth on Ice.
Muck the Chauffeur.
Muck the Elf.
Muck the Safety Officer.
Filth’s Beach Tower.
Filth’s Convoy.
Filth’s Machine Wash
Filth’s Monster.
Filth’s Mootastic Dairy.
Filth’s Mud Hut.
Filth’s Sleep-Over.
Filth’s Surprise.
Mucky Muck.
Naughty Spud.
Never ever Give Up. New Attractions.
Night Time Scratch.
Off-Road Scrambler. On the Job! One for All … One Shot Wendy. Out of the Woods.
Packer’s Big Delivery.
Packer’s First Day.
Packer’s Trailer Trouble.
Pass the Parcel.
Phillip’s Important Job.
Phillip’s Sleepover.
Get a Penguin.
Pilchard and the Bear.
Pilchard Goes Fishing.
Pilchard in a Pickle.
Pilchard Sorts It Out.
Pilchard Steals the Show.
Pilchard’s Breakfast.
Pilchard’s Pets.
Pineapple Scratch.
Appear Shops.
Issue Solving.
Put-It-Together Spud.
Pyramid Puzzle.
Racing Muck.
Radio Bob.
Rockets Under destiny.
Rockin’ and Rollin’ Away.
Roley and the Fox.
Roley and the Rock Star.
Roley Brings your home Down.
Roley to the Rescue.
Roley’s Animal Rescue.
Roley’s Apple Press.
Roley’s Flat Garden.
Roley’s New Friend.
Roley’s Round Up.
Roley’s Rovers.
Roley’s Tortoise.
Debris and the Seagull Surprise.
Runaway Roley.
Saffi’s Treehouse.
Scarecrow Dizzy.
Frightening Spud.
Scoop and the Roller Coaster.
Scoop and the Slide.
Scoop Dashes for Glory.
Scoop Has Some Fun.
Scoop Knows It All.
Scoop Saves the Day.
Scoop the Artist.
Scoop the Disco Digger.
Scoop the Teacher.
Scoop’s Best Team Ever.
Scoop’s Big Break.
Scoop’s Challenge.
Scoop’s in Charge.
Scoop’s Pet Shark.
Scoop’s Recruit.
Scoop’s Scoop.
Scoop’s Stegosaurus.
Scoops’ Sea Rescue.
Scrambler and the Clue.
Scrambler and the Colourful Cave.
Scrambler Get’s Prepared.
Scrambler Gets Clean.
Scrambler in the Doghouse.
Scrambler’s Scouts!
Scrambler’s Seaweed Delivery.
Scrambler’s Stage Surprise.
Scratch’s Hidden Treasure.
Scruffty on Guard.
Scruffty the Detective.
Scruffty’s Big Dig.
Shifter’s New Garage.
Ship Shape.
Quiet Scoop.
Skateboard Spud.
Sky-High Scoop.
Sleepless Lofty.
Decrease Scrambler.
Tiniest Rocket.
Sneezing Scoop.
Snow Fall.
Snowman Scoop.
Something Fishy.
Unique Delivery Spud.
Quick Skip.
Quick Surprises.
Splasher’s Two Stops.
Creepy Tales.
Stylish Spud.
Spring City Clock.
Spring City Wheel.
Spud and Squawk.
Spud and the Doves.
Spud and the Hotel.
Spud Causes Trouble.
Spud Hits the Airwaves.
Spud in the Clouds.
Spud Lends a Hand.
Spud Rushes It.
Spud the DJ.
Spud the Dragon.
Spud the Musketeer.
Spud the Pilot.
Spud the Spanner.