(audio) How Renewable Energy Is Changing Conventional Thinking ab …

The increasing cost of renewable resource is altering our considering energy for cities all over the world. The possibility of dispersed renewables is increasing the alternatives for cities, regional companies, and customers to benefit straight, with brand-new peer-to-peer, energy-service, and community-based designs. Energy equity, and its function in financial equity, has actually ended up being an essential factor to consider in achieving a simply, reasonable, and sustainable shift to a renewable resource future. And in numerous cities in the Global South, where metropolitan populations might be underserved, renewable resource uses growing chance to resolve energy hardship and gain access to.

– Jodie Van Horn, Director– Ready for 100, Sierra Club.
– Michael Westphal, Senior Associate– World Resources Institute.
– Sybil Seitzinger, Executive Director– Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (Moderator).

More details: http://www.renewablecities.ca/dialogues-projects/global-learning-forum-2017/ session%20/ how-renewable-energy-is-changing-conventional-thinking-about-energy-for-cities.