Benjamin Fulford Opportunities of brand-new monetary system statement and …

The Occasion Is Coming Quickly – Benjamin Fulford Opportunities of brand-new monetary system statement and United States civil war both increasing.

Proof is installing that both a brand-new monetary system and a civil war in the United States impend. There is likewise a high possibility the United States east coast will be struck with a geo-engineered cyclone so extreme that individuals are being asked to leave 60 miles inland, CIA sources state. What appears to be taking place is that the Khazarian mafia is releasing weather condition weapons and making other mischief to aim to avoid the statement of a brand-new, gold-backed monetary system.

Let us look at all the gold associated news, some of it unusual, that has actually unexpectedly put out in current days and all appears to be preparing us for the statement of a gold-backed system. This began on August 21 st when Steven Mnuchin ended up being the very first United States Treasury Secretary to check out the Fort Knox gold depository because 1948 and continued to tweet “grateful gold is safe.”.

Considering that his see obviously stopped working to produce adequate promotion, a phony scandal including the see to the fort, the solar eclipse and images of his bikini-clad prize better half appears to have actually been cooked up. In all of this Mnuchin cannot discuss the reality the gold has actually not been counted because 1953 or just how much gold “is safe,” however never ever mind, his better half produces excellent disruptive eye sweet.


Benjamin Fulford: Chances of new financial system announcement and US civil war both skyrocketing

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