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Intro to XECOIN.
From our gadgets, and devices, to our workplaces, houses and cars and trucks, we are depended upon the production, circulation and usage of energy.

XeCoin is underwritten with electrical energy that is established utilizing American Lithium Nanotechnology. This reality makes Xe among the very first coins financed by a product. XeCoin 50% faster than BTC with 5 minutes block times and represents an endeavor to brand-new angles in the cryptocurrency neighborhood.

Algorithms approximately 10 x Faster than Bitcoin.

New Era of Energy Distribution.

Our ingenious services in renewable resource and energy storage lower expenses, support the grid, and completely open the capacity of tidy energy sources.

Usage of XECOIN.
A bulk of the energy produced is lost due to ineffectiveness in the facilities– energy you have actually spent for. Exactly what if, rather of squandering this energy, you could from another location keep it through cryptocurrency?

With sophisticated nanotechnology and tested power management hardware, portable, effective and modular energy storage systems, XecoinTM can permit recouping of lost energy and make it trade-able.

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