Collections as Data: Impact

Building on the success of its “Collections as Data” seminar in 2015, the Library of Congress National Digital Initiatives (NDI) once again will host a daylong seminar including a cadre of professionals to check out the worth of utilizing digital collections and their influence on the general public. The seminar will include case research studies and effect stories about the application of digital approaches in examining and sharing collections.

Sign up with the discussion and tweet your ideas on ‘Collections as Data’ utilizing the hashtag #AsData.

Secret Note Speakers:.
Edward Ayers– @edward_l_ayers.
Paul Ford – @ftrain.

Jessie Daniels – @JessieNYC.
Sarah Hatton – @sarah_hatton.
Rachel Shorey – @rachel_shorey.
Nick Adams – @Nick_B_Adams.
Stephen Robertson – @smrobertson3.
Patrick Cronin and Thomas Neville – @croninsclass.
Tahir Hemphill – @tahirhemphill.
Geoff Haines-Stiles – @CrowdandCloudTV.
Stephanie Stillo.
Library of Congress – @LibraryCongress.