Development Panel, 33 rd Space Symposium, Colorado Springs, Colorad …

The Innovation Panel, held at the 33 rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 5, 2017, combined a distinct balance of innovators, market leaders, financiers and federal government professionals. The panel highlighted NASA iTech as a effective and efficient effort NASA has actually established to promote development in a non-traditional method.
Moderated by Kira Blackwell, Program Executive, Office of the Chief Technologist, NASA Headquarters, the “Innovation” panel included:.
• Salvatore T. “Tory” Bruno, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Launch Alliance (ULA).
• Marilyn J. Bruno, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Aequor, Inc.
• Riccardo Di Blasio, IT Executive and Investor.
• Peter M. Hughes, Chief Technologist, NASA Goddard Space Flight.
• Jose H. Ocasio-Christian, Chief Executive Officer, Caelus Partners, LLC.
• David Sinclair, Ph.D., Professor, Harvard Medical School Chief Scientist Liberty BioSecurity.
• Anup Singh, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, InnaMed.