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A. Course Objectives.

The main goal is to assist you automate your day-to-day system jobs and engineering procedures with BASH scripting to improve performance.

This course will concentrate on Ubuntu Linux, among the most popular Linux circulations.

The strategies you discover how to develop virtual makers in this course can be utilized to setup other Linux circulation for establishing your automation scripts for bigger tasks and groups.

You will find out the competence from several years of effective BASH scripting in Silicon Valley modern corporations.

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B. The Power of BASH.

CELEBRATION is a de-facto basic scripting language on Linux, Mac OS X, and UNIX.

CELEBRATION works natively on Windows 10, and hybrid in Cygwin, Git BASH, MinGW, MSYS2, and so on for all variations of Windows.

The BASH scripting abilities you find out in this course can be used to automate your day-to-day system jobs on Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX, and Windows.

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C. What You Learn in this Course.

Develop and set up virtual device by means of Oracle VirtualBox on Windows.
Configure and set up Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS.

Find out sophisticated BASH scripting from scratch.
Find out fundamentals of Linux file systems and commands.
Practice your BASH scripting understanding on Ubuntu Linux.

Find out resolving issues with divide-and-conquer method.
Find out establishing option-driven and menu-driven BASH scripts.
Find out strategies to stand out automation and increase performance by means of BASH.

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D. BASH Features You Learn in this Course.

Shell Expansions.
Choice and Looping Constructs.
Function and Nested Function.
String and Arrays.
Routine Expression.
I/O Redirections and Process Substitutions.
Command-Line Options.
System Signals for Inter-Process Communications.
Environmental and integrated Variables.
Debugging Techniques.

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Disclaimer: The BASH abilities we show you in this course are the ones that assist us end up being effective for several years in Silicon Valley. Naturally, your success will differ due to the fact that there is no limitation in success.

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