Germany and Hawaii Compare Notes on Clean Energy – Part I

Jay Fidell and Zuri Bender cover the very first of a 2 part series highlighting a conference in Honolulu that went over tidy energy advancement. A talk program including Denis Salle, Honorary Consul for Germany in Hawaii, and Rene ven den Hoevel, of the German American Chamber of Commerce offered background on the conference. Rene ven den Hoevel, and Denis Salle later on signed up with Jeff Mikulina, of Blue Planet Foundation, Antonino Ardilio, for the Fraunhofer Initiative in Germany, Miles Topping, of NetZero Energy by 2035 at UH, Representative Chris Lee, Brain Kealoha, of Hawaii Energy, Martin Despond of the School of Architecture at UH Manoa and Fritz Rettberg of Dortmund University. Consists of clips from a program with Fritz Rettberg and Ray Starling and Jay Fidell. Jay Fidell and Zuri Bender surface with a conversation on the significance of these kind of conferences for Hawaii. Original Air Date, November 27,2016 Episode299

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