GRIT-X is a series of discussions to commemorate the accomplishments of UMBC’s alumni and professors. The program is structured as 3 unique 30- minute sessions, where choose groups of alumni and professors will explain crucial and fascinating elements of UMBC’s effect in the locations of research study, scholarship and imaginative accomplishment. You can sign up with any specific GRIT-X session or remain for all 3. The occasion is arranged and sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Kiirstn Pagan (Theatre ’11) and Katie Hileman (Acting ’12)– Co-Founders, Interrobang ■ When Your Art Becomes Your Business.

Lee Blaney– Assistant Professor, Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering: Our Environment is on Drugs.

Tyson King-Meadows– Associate Dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Associate Professor, Political Science, and Affiliate Professor, Africana Studies ■ Why the Color of Your Canary Matters for Democracy.

Rebecca A. Adelman– Associate Professor, Media and Communication Studies ■ Beyond the Checkpoint: Rethinking Citizenship and Surveillance.

Vanderlei Martins– Professor, Physics and Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET) Reaching for the Skies– Sun, Pollution, Clouds and Climate.

Lee Boot– Director, Imaging Research Center (IRC) ■ A Grand Visualization Challenge: Putting Humpty Together Again.

Karsonya Wise Whitehead (LLC ’09)– Associate Professor, Loyola University ■ From ReSearch to MeSearch: Finding Ways to Add Your Voice to the Wind of Social Memory.

Govind Rao– Director, Center for Advanced Sensor Technology (CAST) and Professor, Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering ■ Inventing Tomorrow at UMBC.

Thomas Schaller– Professor, Political Science.
■ Teaching Politics in an Era of Civics Decline.