Is A Socialist Future Possible? Sarah Leonard & Bhaskar Sunkara

Few words have actually had as little existence in the 2016 election as “socialism,” which was raised briefly in among the earliest main arguments. Socialism might have a future in America, our visitors this week argue, if we simply believe about it in a different way. Joining us today are Bhaskar Sunkara and Sarah Leonard, co-editors of of a brand-new essay collection entitled “The Future We Want: Radical Ideas for the New Century.” Sunkara and Leonard state that individuals aren’t terrified of socialism taking their cash, they’re terrified of Wall Street taking their cash. In a socialist future, cash may in fact go where it’s expected to: back to the individuals. Handling crossways of class and race, gender and class, our visitors discuss the logistics of moving to a socialist future.

Sarah Leonard is a senior editor at the Nation, factor to popular left-wing publication Dissent, and speaker at NYU Gallatin. Bhaskar Sunkara is the editor and publisher of Jacobin publication, a left-wing quarterly publication acknowledged for providing socialist viewpoints on modern concerns.

In this episode: a montage from our DNC protection as we head into election heat. Who is the 99.99% and exactly what do they desire?