Joker and Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial and Cosplay for Halloween …

Joker and Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial + Mini Film.
Joker and Harley Quinn Love Story.
joker and harley quinn cosplay.
Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial.
Halloween Makeup Tutorial.
Clean and Prime Face. Apply white cream on eyelids. Blend. Apply pink eye shadow. Apply blue eye shadow. Apply black eye liner. Apply pale structure. Apply mascara. Line lips with red. Apply red lipstick and spot red to deal with. Draw tattoo with black eye liner. Powder face. Fill eyebrows. Connect hair into pigtails. Spraypaint hair with pink. Spraypaint hair with Blue. Complete.

Joker Makeup Tutorial.
Clean face. Prime face. Comb through eyebrows. Cover eyebrows with spirit gum. Apply scar wax. Setting the scar wax with white powder. Apply red to counteract the black. Apply pale structure on face. Include white to make face paler. Apply red eye liner. Apply black eye shadow. Shape face and neck. Draw tattoos with pen eye liner. Colour lips with red. Apply black on edges of lips. Mix black with red. Gel hair back. Apply green spray paint on hair. Complete.

Suicide Squad Makeup Tutorial.