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The story starts with a young Russian peasant called Maria. Through a series of awful occasions, she needs to take a trip North on the Volga river to discover security with family members in a remote city. Along the method she finds love, experience, relationship and the starts of her womanhood.

The world beyond Maria’s easy farm life in Rostov is laden with hazard. She needs to avert identified soldiers, seeking her capture while bold to trust total strangers for aid. Travel with Maria as she utilizes every ability gotten in her youth and every lesson gained from her Mother, the town school instructor. Exist when her eyes are opened to the methods of the world, finding out whatever in a rushed rate of enjoyment, threat and intrigue.

The story unfolds within the background of Russian history and folklore. Maria’s story will cover you in a world of sensory creativity that takes you away in the very first chapter and holds you till latest thing reads. Just to find the story of Maria is far higher than ever envisioned, she is a legend in the making, assisted to her fate.

The Beekeepers Daughter is volume among 5 in the middle ages legend, The Kingdom of Meridian.

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