Moon Mysteries: Someone Else exists – Why NASA Has Not Returne …

Moon Mysteries: Someone Else is on Moon -Why NASA Not Returned after 40 years? And, Why Nuke Moon’s South Pole?||
1) Strange Moon Mysteries: Why have not they went back to the moon after 40 years? Why did NASA Nuke Moon’s South Pole?||
2) Thumbnail image – Lunar moon base Alien by Alien UFO Research.
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” Ambient Ambulance”.||
ASTONISHING CLAIM: United States Air Force Whistleblower states ‘I saw structures on Dark Side of Moon’ – Carl Wolfee declares.||
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1) SENSATIONAL-CLAIM-US-Air-Force-whistleblower-saw-structures-on-dark-side-of-moon.||
3) Reported Lunar Anomalies Events NASA Technical Report because the Elizabethan Era. R-277 – July1968
– Apollo 11 ‘LUNAR BASE on Far Side of Moon’ & NASA Technical Report1967
– NASA Whistleblowers have actually declared that NASA frequently scrubs or ruins pictures with any proof of alien life or synthetic structures.
– A picture from the online archive of the Apollo 11 objective exposes exactly what seems a base upon the far side of the moon.
The item seems on the moon’s surface area and is well brightened. It is in proportion with a long shaft separated at each end by a little sphere with another in the. The spheres seem living quarters with linking passages.||
1) NASA Lunar Events Report R-277||
Thumbnail image -Structures-on-the-moon by NASA image. & bih =-LRB- **********) #imgrc=- DTo5EJNxwyUkM:.