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Peppa Pig– A pig who is the primary character. She delights in leaping in muddy puddles, having fun with her teddy bear who is called Teddy, going to playgroup, and dressing up. She copes with her little sibling George and her moms and dads.[2] She is voiced by Lily Snowden-Fine (series 1), Cecily Bloom (series 2), and Harley Bird (series 3-5). Peppa is 4 years of ages as displayed in the episode My Birthday Party.
George Pig– He is Peppa’s little sibling. He remains in the majority of episodes and frequently seen in ownership of his toy dinosaur, which is called “Mr. Dinosaur.” He weeps in numerous episodes with his hallmark showers of tears and sobbing noise. When he weeps it has to do with Peppa teasing him, frequently. George’s noises are carried out by Oliver and Alice May. George is 2 years of ages as displayed in the episode George’s Birthday.
Mummy Pig– Mummy Pig is Peppa and George’s mom. She is voiced by Morwenna Banks. Mummy Pig does some work from house on a computer system. She likewise worked as a firemen in series 3.
Daddy Pig– Daddy Pig is Peppa and George’s dad. He works as a designer, as displayed in the episode The New House. He is voiced by Richard Ridings.
Grandfather Pig– Grandpa Pig is Mummy Pig’s dad. He likes gardening and cruising. The 2 battle in a couple of episodes, he’s finest pals with Granddad Dog. He has a trackless train called Gertrude. He is voiced by David Graham.
Granny Pig– Granny Pig is Mummy Pig’s mom. She is a fan of fragrance. She grows apples in an orchard near her home in addition to veggies in her own garden beside her home. She has 4 chickens, and she is voiced by Frances White.
Uncle Pig– Uncle Pig is Daddy Pig’s sibling, and is Aunty Pig’s hubby and Chloe and Baby Alexander’s dad. He is voiced by John Sparkes who likewise tells the series.
Auntie Pig– Auntie Pig is Uncle Pig’s partner and Chloe and Baby Alexander’s mom. She is voiced by Alison Snowden (series 1-2) and Judy Flynn (series 3-4).
Chloe Pig– Chloe Pig is Peppa and George’s cousin, she is likewise Baby Alexander’s sis. Her pals are Belinda Bear and Simon Squirrel, however they want to tease Peppa. She is 8 years of ages, and uses a yellow gown. She is voiced by Eloise May (series 1-2), Abigail Daniels (series 3-4) and Zara Siddiqi (series 4).
Infant Alexander Pig– Baby Alexander Pig is Chloe’s child sibling. His very first word was puddle. He is voiced by Oliver May (series 2), Harley Bird (series 3) and Minnie Driver (series 4).
Auntie Dottie Pig– Auntie Dottie is Peppa and George’s great-aunt who sent out “Horsey Twinkle Toes”. It is unidentified exactly what she appears like and does not have a voice star given that she is never ever revealed.
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