Power Hungry: The Myths of ‘Green’ Energy and the Real Fuels of t.

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Composed by: Robert Bryce.
Length: 10 hrs and 45 minutes.
Language: English.
The pledge of green tasks and a tidy energy future has actually stired the masses. As Robert Bryce makes clear in this intriguing book, that vision requires a significant re-vision. We can not and will not stop utilizing carbon-based fuels at any time in the future for an easy factor: they offer the horse power that we yearn for. The tough truth is that oil, coal, and gas are here to remain. Sustaining our society needs more than belief and rhetoric; we have to make clever financial investments and great choices based upon realities.
In Power Hungry, Bryce supplies a supertanker-load of realities while shepherding listeners through standard physics and mathematics. And with the assistance of a panoply of vibrant graphics and tables, he squashes a phalanx of energy misconceptions, revealing why renewables are not green, carbon capture and sequestration will not work, as well as surprise! that the United States is leading the world in energy performance. He likewise charts the incredible development of the fuels of the future: gas and nuclear. Power Hungry provides a clear-eyed view of exactly what America has in the tank, and exactly what’s had to change the enormous international energy sector.
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