Roland Graf: From the Ground Up

Austrian artist, designer, and designer Roland Graf crosses lots of disciplines to develop items, intervene in public areas and establish speculative human user interfaces. Given that 1997, he has actually co-directed the artist cumulative Assocreation, best understood for its acclaimed interactive setups that typically control the ground the general public strolls on, such as the telematic walkway Bump (Prix Ars Electronica Distinction 2001) or the street computer game Solar Pink Pong (Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival, Nomination for the New Technological Art Award 2016). Graf’s diverse person and collective innovative work is all rooted in the exact same interest in area, innovation, and human interaction. It has actually been revealed worldwide at art celebrations, museums, galleries, style fairs, movie celebrations, conferences and computer system expositions, consisting of the Bienal de Valencia, The Vienna Künstlerhaus, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, CENTRALE for modern art in Bruxelles, Milan Design Week, AVIFF Art Film Festival in Cannes, Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, CeBIT in Hannover, TEI’15 in Stanford, along with in the streets of New York, Detroit, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Kathmandu.