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Sattvic food plan, largely present in Ayurveda and Yoga literature, contains of meals that comprise sattva (goodness) guna (high quality). Sattva Guna is accountable for a balanced physique and thoughts. This provides rise to a wholesome physique and a optimistic thoughts. There are two different varieties. One is known as Rajasik and different is tamasik. Whereas Rajasik meals assure future unhealthy well being, Tamasik meals makes an individual sick straight away.

Sattvic food plan is supposed to incorporate meals and consuming behavior that is- pure, important, pure, important, energy-containing, clear, aware, true, trustworthy and clever.

Sattvic food plan is a routine that locations emphasis on seasonal meals, fruits, dairy merchandise, nuts, seeds, oils, ripe greens, legumes, entire grains, and non-meat primarily based proteins. Some Sattvic food plan ideas, equivalent to its relative emphasis oncdairy merchandise, is controversial.

Sattvic food plan is usually known as yogic food plan in fashionable literature. In historic and medieval period Yoga literature, the idea mentioned is Mitahara, which accurately means “moderation in consuming” or regulated consuming.

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