School Inc. Episode 1: The Price of Excellence – Full Video

With the terrific creations of the Industrial Revolution in the 17 th century, performance increased drastically– and the developments behind it spread out like wildfire. Not so in education. In those early years, education was managed by moms and dads, however Horace Mann promoted efforts to put education into the hands of state-trained instructors and state-appointed professionals. Therefore, universal public education in America was born. The documentary flashes forward to East Los Angeles, and a contemporary story of exactly what occurred when Jaime Escalante, a talented mathematics instructor at Garfield High, and the academic quality he produced in the class ended up being the basis of the Hollywood film, Deliver and stand. Coulson journeys to Seoul, South Korea, where college-bound trainees excitedly register in after school tutoring programs called “Hagwons.” Administrators and trainees inform us how well it works, and one teacher states he makes more than a million dollars in wage every year.

In “The Price of Excellence,” the very first episode of School, Inc., the late Andrew Coulson, senior fellow of education policy at Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, checks out the market of education, its history, the politics that often restrain the development of great schools– and great instructors– and the increase of entrepreneurial teachers.

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