#Stop Adani – Burn Calories Not Coal

We’re a group of buddies working to stop the Adani mega coal mine. To be developed on the Great Barrier Reef, this will be the most significant coal mine in Australia and the 3rd most significant on the planet. This is an environment bomb that our world can not pay for.
Why are we doing this??
The Adani coal mine will pump 60 million tonnes of contaminating carbon into the environment. Structure this mine will permit the growth of a huge brand-new coal basin. It will get us one third of the method to a 2 ℃ of worldwide warming if this coal is drawn out and burnt. When we need to move to renewables, and this at a time.

The Queensland Labor federal government have actually likewise provided Adani a limitless water licence for 60 years, with quotes that 27 million litres of water will be utilized every day. The majority of Queensland remains in a dry spell and farmers are stressed that the groundwater table will be contaminated.

Now, Malcolm Turnbull and his federal Liberal/National federal government are thinking about providing $1b of taxpayer loan to develop this mine due to the fact that the mine is unprofitable without it. Why are taxpayers bearing the cost for a mine that cannot stand economically?

We likewise have to safeguard the 70,000 tasks that the Great Barrier Reef supports. After back-to-back whitening occasions, it’s clear that our reef is under risk. Adani will lead to the death of our valuable reef.

All that’s standing in between us and a tidy energy future is a handful of political leaders. We require your aid to make sure they listen!

Join us to conserve our the world and the reef.
Please think about supporting us on our trip by contributing $10, $20, $50 or more! All earnings will go straight to the Stop Adani project through the ecological NGO350 org and the Wangan and Jagalingou individuals’s project. Who are the Traditional Owners of the land allocated for the mine in the Queensland’s Galilee Basin and are petitioning to not Adani destroy their house.