#TalkingTrump: Conversation, Context, Controversy

What scenarios resulted in @realDonaldTrump winning the #2016 election and exactly what does his presidency suggest? Sign up with professors specialists from @UChicagoSocialScience for a panel conversation on the eve of the Presidential #Inauguration on exactly what the #potus- choose represents now and progressing.

5: 30 pm Welcome & Introductions.
Paul Poast, Political Science.
5: 35 pm Topic Presentations (5 minutes from each panelist).
Cathy Cohen, Political Science (Moderator).
Lis Clemens, Sociology.
Adam Green, History.
Faith Hillis, History.
Joseph Masco, Anthropology.
Casey Mulligan, Economics.
Robert Pape, Political Science.
6: 10 pm Panel Discussion.
6: 40 pm Audience Q&A.
7: 00 pm Closing Remarks.
Paul Poast, Political Science.