The Choice is Ours (2016) Official

This movie series checks out lots of elements of our society. To reassess exactly what is possible in our world, we have to consider exactly what sort of world we wish to reside in. We refer to it as civilization, it is anything however civilized. Visions of international unity & fellowship have long inspired mankind, yet the social plans approximately today have actually mostly cannot produce a efficient and tranquil world. While we seem technically advanced, our habits and worths are not. The possibility of a positive future remains in plain contrast to our present social, financial, and ecological issues. The Choice Is Ours consists of interviews with noteworthy researchers, media specialists, authors, and other thinkers checking out the troubles we deal with.

Part I offers an intro and introduction of ecological & cultural conditions that are illogical for a sustainable world civilization. It checks out the factors of habits to eliminate the misconception of “humanity”, while showing how environment forms habits. The science of habits is a crucial – yet mostly missing out on – active ingredient in our culture.

Part II concerns the worths, habits, and effects of our social structures, and shows how our international financial system is significantly inadequate and outdated to fulfill the requirements of the majority of people. Vital factor to consider of the banking, media, and criminal justice systems exposes these organizations for exactly what they truly are: tools of social control handled by the recognized political and financial elite. The familiar cycles of criminal activity, financial booms & busts, war, and additional ecological damage are unavoidable if we remain the present course.

Part III describes the approaches and capacity of science. It proposes options that we can use at present to get rid of using non-renewable sources of energy. It portrays the vision of The Venus Project to construct a totally brand-new world from the ground up: a “redesign of the culture”, where all delight in a high standard of life, devoid of bondage and financial obligation, while likewise safeguarding the environment.

Part IV describes how it is not simply architecture and a social structure that remains in desperate requirement of modification, however our worths which have actually been bied far from centuries back. They too have to be upgraded to our technological age, which has the possible to remove our scarcity-driven societies these days. Our issues are primarily of our own making, however we can still turn things around prior to the moment of truth. It’s not far too late for a positive outlook on the great possibilities that lie prior to us.

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