The Rooftop Christmas Tree

Defense lawyer Sarah Wright does not understand why her reclusive next-door neighbor, Mr. Landis, puts a lit Christmas tree on the roofing system every year, however he has actually transported it up there for as long as anybody can keep in mind. And every year, this offense of the town’s chastening code lands him in Judge Conner’s courtroom and puts him at danger for prison time. For all the problem it triggers him, Mr. Landis declines to expose why he does the exact same thing, every year, without fail.Finally, Sarah and Judge Conner take matters into their own hands. With just a few days till Christmas, Sarah accepts represent Mr. Landis. The Judge enforces the job of correcting the Landis case for excellent, firmly insisting that the annoying however good-looking district attorney, John Keaton, aid Sarah. Required to pool their resources together, the young lawyers need to set distinctions aside and ultimately find that the secret is more heartbreaking and individual than anybody might believe.