Tidy Energy Promotion through Microfinance in Ethiopia

The task Clean Energy Promotion through Microfinance in Ethiopia (CEPM) focuses on enhancing the gain access to of low-income families and microenterprises to dependable, budget friendly, and sustainable energy services and products. Thanks to this task, around 20,000 Ethiopians accessed to the CET product or services.

The CEPM task was granted the very best Climate Practices Award 2016 and the Energy Globe Award Ethiopia2017

More details can be discovered on our site: www.microenergy-international.com.

Finest Climate Practices Award: http://www.bestclimatepractices.org/practices/clean-energy-promotion-through-microfinance-cepm-in-ethiopia/.

Energy Globe Award Ethiopia:.
http://www.energyglobe.info/ethiopia2017? cl= en & id =-LRB- *****).

The task is moneyed by the Nordic Climate Facility and executed by Gaia, MicroEnergy International and Swan Management, in cooperation with the 3 Ethiopian Microfinance Insitutions: Buusaa Gonofaa, Harbu and SFPI.

Nordic Climate Facility:.

Gaia Consulting Ltd.:.

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